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Compact, portable, and powerful. The Mac Mini is a traveling powerhouse computer rental option.

Whether you want some budget friendly computers for a short time, or a powerful but compact desktop for a mobile project, the Mac Mini is your go-to computer rental.

Featuring Intel processors ranging from i3, i5, or even 6-core i7’s, the Mac Mini can handle even the largest jobs!

Capable of running Windows, Linux, or Mac OS, along with the ability to match this computer with virtually any size screen, the options are endless for this incredible rental option.

***New for 2021***

Mac Rentals, Inc. now rents the astonishingly fast and capable M1 Mac Mini desktop computer, supercharged by the astonishing new Apple M1 chip which features 3x faster CPU performance, 6x faster graphics, and much more. Do more with an M1 Mac Mini rental than you ever imagined!

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"Thanks for such great service. This will be my fastest computer in the network."
Thanks! The client left great feedback on this.
The project the computer was used for was a total hit. Thanks for your professionalism!
Thank you so much Mac Renals, truly appreciate your support!
If you are looking to buy great Mac products this is a great resource!

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