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Mac Rentals specializes in helping hotels with their computing and audiovisual rental needs. From large screen televisions, LCD projectors, and sound system rentals to computer labs and color copiers... we rent it all!

Hosting a big conference?

Mac Rentals can provide large amounts of laptops ready to fulfill the necessities of your client. All our laptops are safely placed and locked so you don’t have to worry about any of them going missing.

In need of a backup computer?

If the occasion is important, you don’t want to take chances in case anything fails or you encounter compatibilities issues between your computer and the audiovisual equipment designated to use. We can satisfy you with the right choice for the occasion so you don’t take any risks with your client.

Looking for a convenient solution to make your event special?

Go paperless with our tablets: from iPad to Microsoft Surface Pro. Easiest way to display your information and keep your clients engaged in your event without leaving any paper traces around your installations. Presentations, maps, personalized software, cellular or Wi-Fi connection… Welcome your guests with an iPad and make your event stand out!

In need of a color copier?

Streamline your hotel operations with our copier rental services. Enhance efficiency at your front desk, business center, or administrative hub with top-of-the-line copiers tailored for the hospitality industry. From guest communication to event planning, our rentals ensure smooth document management, allowing your hotel to focus on delivering exceptional service.

Big show coming up?

Elevate the guest experience at your hotel with our premium audiovisual equipment rentals. From immersive conference setups to engaging in-room entertainment, our tailored solutions enhance every aspect of hospitality. Elevate events, meetings, and guest interactions with top-notch projectors, displays, sound systems, and more.

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