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Wireless phones, Cellular iPads and tablets, mobile hotspots. We rent every kind of mobile solution you need!

Does your team need to be in touch 24/7 during your event?

Mac Rentals assures you that nobody misses anything with our wide phone selection. From the highest end iPhones to the latest Samsung Galaxy S, your team will have the best technology on their hands, making sure that any particular task is covered efficiently.

If you have a big team and need more affordable options, we have you covered as well. You can choose a budget option between our iPhone and Android selection available in large quantities.

Do you need a bigger screen without compromising on connectivity?

Mac Rentals offers cellular connectivity through their tablet selection. From 5G High Speed connection through our iPad Pro line to regular 4G LTE available both on iPad, Android and Microsoft Surface.

We have all kinds of solutions: Do you have a corporate event? Rent an 5G iPad Pro to ensure your team has the smoothest connection; do you have a course full of students? Our 4G LTE option, more budget friendly, is still more than capable to satisfy everyone.

Is your event located outdoors or needs a more secure private connection?

Our mobile hotspots guarantees high speed connection to your team no matter the location or the device. A perfect solution for shows, corporate events or internal use in building sites.

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