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Mac Studio: Where raw power meets creative finesse. Elevate your craft with the M Series chips, unmatched memory options, and vast storage, redefining creative boundaries in the heart of your studio.

Unleash boundless creativity with the Mac Studio—an epitome of power and performance. Engineered for professionals, it seamlessly handles resource-intensive tasks, from intricate video editing to complex 3D rendering. With the M1 Max, M1 Ultra or M2 Ultra chip, advanced memory options, and expansive storage, the Mac Studio is a powerhouse designed to elevate your artistic endeavors. Explore a world of limitless possibilities and redefine your creative potential with the Mac Studio.

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We appreciate our customers and it shows.

We have been doing business with Mac Rentals for over 10 years and have nothing but outstanding praise on their Service, Price, Equipment and Billing. I wish more Companies had that type of Ethics and honesty when dealing with clients.
Marianne Davis
Nothing but a good experiences working with Larry and Mac Rentals. Very quick to respond, easy to work with and flexible (my client is a fashion client so things are always changing). Will continue to work with them for my tech needs.
Natalia Paez
Owner, Eric is a really good, knowledgeable owner. His team of people very helpful. Nick and Adam are always stepping in to help no matter the request..Thank you for the help!
Charles Williams
I needed a Mac to transfer files from hard drives of my crashed MacBook Pro. I tried Geek Squad and they were worthless even though I purchased a brand new Windows laptop at Best Buy. These guys got me a current machine and were flexible on timing and easy to work with. Highly recommended!
Brent Tharp
Great company with great people. Helped us big time with a conference.

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