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Sound Systems

Immerse yourself in audio perfection with our speaker range—whether you seek the compact brilliance of small speakers, versatile medium-sized options, or commanding soundscapes of large speakers.

Rental Information

Amplify your audio experience with our diverse range of speakers. From the compact convenience of small speakers to the versatile medium-sized options, and the commanding presence of large speakers, we offer a spectrum of choices to suit every space and preference. Upgrade your sound system today. Rent the perfect speaker for any occasion!

Popular Options:

Google NestSmart Speaker ideal for Small Presentations or Background Music.

Behringer Eurolive SeriesSmall Speaker ideal for Dinner Meetings, Small Shows or Background Music.

Fender Passport Event SeriesMedium Size Speaker ideal for Regular Shows, Performances or Corporate Events.

JBL EON Series – Large Size Speaker ideal for Big Shows, Outdoors Events or Concerts.

Available with Speaker Stands and Spandex Covers.

Contact us if you need more details or information about our other models.

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