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Step into a realm of possibilities with our screens —transforming spaces into immersive entertainment hubs and dynamic workstations. Redefine your viewing and productivity experiences effortlessly.

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Immerse yourself in a world of possibilities with our diverse range of large screens, spanning 32 to 55 inches. From captivating home entertainment to efficient workstations, these displays redefine your viewing and productivity experiences. Discover the perfect fit for your space and purpose within our curated selection. Redefine your digital lifestyle today!

Popular Options:

32” LED ScreenAvailable in 1080p Full HD or 4K Ultra HD

40” LCD/LED ScreenAvailable in 1080p Full HD or 4K Ultra HD

43” LED ScreenAvailable in 4K Ultra HD

50” LED ScreenAvailable in 4K Ultra HD

55” LED ScreenAvailable in 4K Ultra HD

Our Models Features: Smart TV / HDMI / USB / Display Port / Ethernet

Available with the Next Accessories: Wall Mounted (including poles, heavy base and spandex covers) / Tiny PC or Mac Mini (hidden in the back of the screen) / Apple TV / Media Player

Our Screens can be shipped or delivered with their factory boxes or transport fiber crates. 

Contact us if you need more details or information about our other models.

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