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iMac – Apple Silicon Series

Unleash the power of creativity with our latest iMac rentals. Rent the new iMac models, featuring M processors, vibrant 4.5K displays, and cutting-edge performance.

Rental Information

Transform your workspace with our cutting-edge iMac rentals, showcasing the latest M processor technology. Immerse yourself in brilliance with vibrant 4.5K displays, delivering unparalleled clarity for your creative endeavors. Elevate your productivity and design experience with the sleek aesthetics and powerful performance of our new iMac models. Rent today and step into a world of innovation and efficiency.

Popular Models:

iMac 24” 4.5KApple M1 8-Core / 8 GB RAM /  256-500 GB SSD / Integrated 8-Core GPU

iMac 24” 4.5KApple M1 8-Core / 16 GB RAM /  256 GB – 1TB SSD / Integrated 8-Core GPU

iMac 24” 4.5KApple M3 8-Core / 8 GB RAM /  256-500 GB SSD / Integrated 8-Core GPU

Our Models Features: 4 USB C Ports / Wi-Fi & Bluetooth / Apple Magic Wireless Keyboard & Mouse (Color Matched)

Available in these Colors: Silver / Yellow / Blue / Purple / Green / Pink

Contact us if you need more details or information about our other models.

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